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The Founders

Ann Webb Skin Institute is owned by Ann and Sam Webb. Ann Webb is the medical esthetician and cosmetic injectionist behind the nationally recognized Ann Webb Skin Care line and the successful Ann Webb Skin Clinic in Austin & Houston, TX.
Daily operations are supervised by our cofounder, Joanna Marceaux. Sam and Joanna are also licensed estheticians.  Sam keeps the company in the know as a very hands on attorney. He is also part of the TDLR board, a licensed massage therapist, instructor and laser safety officer! Joanna is a respected leader and instructor in esthetics education.  She has many years of skin care product creation experience and likes to focus on business development.  


the directors

Sandra Salazar and Aundrea Wagner make up the dynamic duo that performs daily operations and compliance for our institute.  Their diligence and expertise has kept the school at the top of Texas' list of best esthetic schools.  Their work ethic aligns with our own- Be kind and work hard to get things done! They are there full time to monitor and mentor everyone that walks in the door.
We count our blessings everyday for these two! 


Head of Education and Training

Kristen Zumbrumm, fondly known as Chili, has earned her spot as Head of Education five times over.  It is our pleasure to have someone with her expertise in instruction training and supervising our instructor team.  In becoming the Head of Education & Training, her biggest goal is (still to get people to drink more water and wear their sunscreen) to lead Instructors by example, show them how to make their curriculum fun and engaging, and provide consistent and fair feedback. Getting students pumped for their education by empowering them with the tools to succeed is how we can make the top professionals in our industry. 


heads of department 

A sought after position at Ann Webb is becoming a head of one of our main departments in the company.  Each person below represents the best of their department and is someone our staff can look to for supervision and guidance. Student Clinic, Marketing, Attendance, Retail Store, Advanced Classes and Our Instructor team all have strong leaders with this group! They represent us well with a kind and understanding approach to student and staff affairs.


admissions department

Enrolling into a school can be a tedious task. Our admissions team is here to help you from your first phone call to the day you graduate. Shellie & Priscilla treats our students with respect and patience making sure your experience is as smooth as possible. Give her a call today at 512-614-4012



the head of distance Learning 

Christina Srisen, Head of Distance Learning and Training. It is our pleasure to have someone with her level of expertise. She is a jack of all trades! Christina comes with 22 years of experience in The Beauty Industry.
She has been a Pro Celebrity Makeup Artist/Educator with many years of management and social media experience. Her background is extensive and exciting! With experience with things such as New York Fashion Week, working in TV/Film, owning her own business and working for some of the most prestigious brands in the industry. Her goal is to lead by example, show how to make education fun and engaging.
Christina is eager to create a diverse culture for students and instructors by empowering them with the tools to succeed to create the next generation of professionals in our industry with her level of expertise!


the instructors

Instructors are the heart of our school.  They take on the responsibility of preparing students for a new career. Our instructors are required to complete the Ann Webb Instructor Certification course and are all licensed in their field of instruction. Going over and beyond for their students is a regular occurrence in our classrooms.  Many of our managers are often instructors.  Sam and Ann like to step in for a couple of classes as well!  Remember to thank your instructors often!